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Happy Holidays to Our 2008 Consultants

Posted by Derek Leavitt on Tue, Dec 23, 2008 @ 16:12 PM

This holiday season, we at Modative would like to give thanks to the consultants we have worked with throughout the year. Without this talented group our architecture would not be possible.

John Labib + Associates Structural Engineers
John Labib, S.E. and Tony Nguyen
Not only are they one of the best structural engineering firms in LA, but they are a pleasure to work with.

Rainville Design Associates (Landscape)
Miriam Rainville
Miriam never disappoints with her ability to beautifully match landscaping to buildings.

Iacobellis & Associates (Subdivision Engineering & Surveying)
Thomas Iacobellis, Thomas Iacobellis Jr., Chris Nassiri, Mark Fox, Gail Hearsey
In the ever complicated world of subdivisions, these guys are pros.

Fine Line Systems (Civil Engineering)
Chris Chan
Chris knows the ins and outs of the City of LA so well that we swear he has an office at City Hall.

Breen Engineering, Inc. (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, & Structural)
Hamish List, Gary Mills, Ryan Ramos, Joper Tupas
Breen is a one stop shop for all your engineering needs. However, this convenience is second to their obvious desire to continually please their clients.

Geocon Inland Empire, Inc (Geotechnical Consultants)
Neil D. Berliner
Geocon used their expertise in liquefaction analysis to save our client a bunch of money on foundations. And that is good news for everyone.

Taylor & Syfan Consulting Engineers (Structural Engineering)
Steve Taylor, Garrett Mills
Taylor & Syfan are expert engineers on projects of all types and sizes, plus they are easy to work with and always on top of things.

J. Byer Group, Inc. (Geotechnical Consultants)
Guiseppe Cugno
We would like to thank Guiseppe and they J. Byer team for always answering our stupid questions about geotechnical engineering. Thanks for helping us architects to understand.

ARC Engineering (Structural Engineering)
Gagan Baines
A great midsize structural engineering firm. Gagan, thanks for helping to solve problems us architects create.

TDR Engineering
Ysali A. Shank
The fastest and most affordable surveyors in the west.

Ray Associates (Structural Engineering)
Ajay Ray
We would like to thank Ajay ray for his personal touch to engineering and willingness to take on projects of any scope.

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