The Goal

The goal of this guide is to retrain you. To rethink the whole idea of what a resume can be in a creative industry.


Why does this guide exist?

These tips were created because as someone who receives resumes, I just can’t take it anymore.

Boring, unimaginative resumes keep invading my inbox. Bad resumes for probably very interesting people. Unfortunately, I or any other potential employer will never know these job seekers. Stagnant formatting, uninteresting content and misguided approaches are keeping me from getting to know them.


For All Creative Professionals

Although these quick tips are designed for architectural professionals, they can also apply to just about any creative professional out there. So for those not in architecture, but in the design world, feel free to remove the word architect and architecture and replace it with your chosen field.

The following 22 points are intended to get you to rethink your resume in your own creative way.

Get Started - Philosophy: 1-5