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Into Paradise

In midsummer of 2006, modative began work on the Perry Residence, a 2,400 square foot house located in Koloa, Hawaii on the island of Kauai. The site, nestled into the Lawai Valley and adjoining a multi-acre lush State park, provided the perfect backdrop for a lifestyle deeply rooted in tradition yet full of modern ambition.

From Portugal to Kauai

The family history on the island dates back a century. They first arrived on Kauai via Portugal by way of an historic whaling excursion. After what must have been a long and tedious ocean adventure, the family soon settled inland, transitioning away from life on the water and into a life of farming and ranching.

Traditional vs. Modern

Modative’s goal on this project is to create a place that utilized traditional concepts present in the historic island-ranch vernacular prevalent throughout Kauai.

An important first step was to conduct an extensive survey of traditional island materials and methods of construction. Due to the intense climate that varies from blissful sun to torrential rains, it is important for modative and our client not to reinvent the wheel, or to solely interject our outside influence, but rather to adapt an island style formed from years of tradition and from the understanding of life in a climate of constant change.

Site Utilization

By carefully locating the residence along the steeply sloping site, we are able to take advantage of the prevailing weather conditions while maximizing the incredible views up the Lawai Valley. Our project is intended to utilize the benefits of the lush tropical setting without creating a significant impact on the natural surroundings.


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