20 - Would You Ask Someone To Marry You on the First Date?

As a small business owner, I can tell you that hiring someone is a huge commitment. Even for larger firms, your salary, benefits, training, computer, and facebook habit add up fast. Hiring you is a big step.

So why are you asking me for a job so fast? I need to get to know you first. Lie to me if you have to.  Tell me you’re just looking around. Trying to learn more about my firm. Ask to come in for a quick informal interview. It’s the dating equivalent of asking someone out for coffee.

21 - Do You Like Spam? (email, not the food)

Didn’t think so. Well, I don’t either; so stop spamming me with resumes.

Mass emails to “whom it may concern” quickly shows me your minimal level of commitment and real interest in my firm. Remember, before I can commit to you, you must commit to me.

Find out to whom to send your resume. If unsure, call the firm or stop by. Also, don’t be afraid to send it to the head honcho. They’re usually the ones making the real decisions anyways.

22- Follow-up

Sending a resume to a firm and hoping for a return call or email is naive. It's not that firm's responsibility to find you a job. It's yours.

A follow-up call several days after sending your resume will quickly give you a feel for where you stand. Besides, you've just sent them one of the most unique resumes they've ever seen.

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