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This project consists of three townhouse style homes, each utilizing three colors and three window and door sizes, which is a spin-off of the 2X Homes concept of phase one.

This project is phase II of the reincarnation of the Fay Ave Art District Dwellings, a seven-home small lot subdivision project, which was temporarily shelved due to the real estate market meltdown. The 3X homes utilizes a simple, creative and cost-effective solution to revive the project for a much different economy.

These smaller, more affordable units will be rented as apartments until all three phases are complete and the property is subdivided into lots/homes per the Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance

Modative Build is the contractor on this project. Construction started in October 2012 and will be complete in Spring of 2013.

For an inside look at the design process behind this project see - Phasing a Future Small Lot Subdivision: The Fay 3X Homes


Site Plan Homes Modern Townhomes Fay 3X Homessite plan


Modern Apartmnet Architect Los Angeles Fay 3x Homes

middle and rear units on the right, fay 2x homes (phase I constructed)on left


fay 3x homes construction grading

grading in progress on 10.23.12

 modative architect firm modern home subdivision construction 01

framing in progress

 modative architect firm modern home subdivision construction 02

living area interior 

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metal siding installation