los angeles small lot architect
aerial photo of the site


This project was a feasibility study for an 82 home development to be built over four phases on a large property in West Hollywood, CA. The goal was to Utilize the Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance, to subdivide the property into several lots/homes.

Project Goals:

1. Provide access to the street for all units

2. Minimize driveways

3. Avoid mundane repetition

4. Create village identities

5. Provide access to light for all units

6. Maintain privacy for each unit

7. Incorporate trees into the site plan

8. Design project so that it can be built in phases

the three villages

Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance
the three villages
Small Lot Architect Rosecroft
rosecroft village site plan
Los Angeles Architect Rosecroft
 rosecroft village 3D images
Small Lot Architect SV
san vicente village site plan
 LA Architect San Vicente
san vicente village 3D images
Small Lot Architect Sherbourne
sherbourne village site plan
Modern Architect Sherbourne
sherbourne village 3D images


Small Lot Subdivision 1
phase one
Small Lot Subdivision 2
phase two
Small Lot Subdivision 3
phase three
Small Lot Subdivision 4
phase four


Los Angeles Architect V1
view from above
Los Angeles Architect V2
street view from san vicente blvd.
Los Angeles Architect V3
street view from sherbourne dr.
Los Angeles Architect V4
view from village driveway