What are the architecture phases?

Architecture Phases

Each of the six phases has a distinct purpose. You as the owner will be required to make key decisions during each phase. The following is an outline of the standard six phases and the general goal for each.

There is actually a lot to learn about the Architecture phases. Our free Architecture Process Guide goes into more depth on this important topic. You may download this guide for free.

The Six Design Phases


Goal: Research and determine the owner’s criteria for the project.

The owner's criteria is typically: budget, schedule, program and the actual building site.

 Schematic Design

Goal: Utilizing the criteria established in Pre-design,graphically explore design alternative concepts. Then present these options to the owner and narrow them.

 Design Development

Goal: refine and develop the design such that most of the major design decisions have been made. Implement the various systems into the building.

 PHASE_4  Construction Documents

Goal: to prepare the technical written and graphic documents that set forth the requirements for constructing the project and obtaining government agency approvals.

 PHASE_5  Construction Procurement

Goal: To assist the the owner in the selection of a contractor to build the project.

 PHASE_6  Construction Observation

Goal: To observe the construction of the project for general conformance to the construction documents. Assist the owner with contractor payment requests. Handle requests for changes during construction.

Want to learn more about the Architecture phases and design process? Download our free Architecture Process Guide. A handy PDF file that goes into depth on this topic.