Strata Homes Small Lot Subdivision Eagle Rock Architects
Street front rendering


Strata Homes is a ten-home Small Lot Subdivision project located in a music- and art-loving area of Los Angeles called Eagle Rock. This neighborhood gets its name from a giant rock perched above it, whose form casts a shadow on itself in the shape of an eagle. 

Eaglerock concept

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Taking inspiration from this rock, the entire built form was thought of as a rock mass, from which spaces were carved. Just like the eagle rock itself, the most interesting aspects of the buildings are created by the act of carving away. The second and third levels are angled in such a way as to provide views from the rear homes past the front homes toward the foothills and mountains beyond. These angled, cut-away spaces are programmed as outdoor patios. The materiality of the outer façades of the "rock" are shades of grey smooth stucco and cement board siding, while the carved spaces are treated with a weathered-steel-colored metal siding, reinforcing the earthen, rock concept. 

The front 8 homes are three levels facing a commercial center on Yosemite Dr, while the back 2 homes are two levels, stepping down toward the lower-scale homes behind the project site. The site layout has three distinct zones from front to back: urban with unobstructed views, quiet with controlled views, and private. Our thought was that these varied experiences may appeal to different creative professionals: artists, musicians, and writers, respectively. 


 Strata Homes Small Lot Subdivision Site Plan

Site plan


Yosemite Blvd. Small Lot Subdivision Homes Eagle Rock

Aerial front view rendering


Eagle Rock Small Lot Subdivision Modern Architecture

Aerial side view rendering


Strata Small Lot Subdivision Homes Eagle Rock

Street facade rendering


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