Modern Beach Hut



fillable walls

Built of lightweight plastic channel walls, the Sand Hut allows the user to personalize their beach hut through the simple means of adding and removing sand from the channeled walls and roof trellis of the beach hut.

The channel walls can be filled to a desired level for privacy or to create patterns of artistic expression. The flexibility to easily change the appearance of the sand hut would providing diversity to the shoreline if this prototype hut were to be repeated.

how to fill the walls

Accessed via a ladder, the roof terrace provides a convenient place to refill the channel walls with sand. Simply remove the top channel and using a bucket and funnel sand can be added to create the desired design.

how to empty the walls

The sand walls are elevated slightly above the ground allowing for the sand to be emptied out if the owner desires to refill the walls with a new design.

trellis reinterpreted

Using the same approach as the walls, trellis can be filled or not filled to provide the desired level of shading on the roof terrace.

open the door

The majority of the beach side of the sand hut is a large pivoting door allowing the interior space to flow outside when open or act as a barrier to vandals and harsh weather when closed.

privacy please

This small protruding alcove contains a changing area that offers privacy even when the large door is open.

but what’s inside?

The interior is bright and dramatic with the pattern and texture of the sand contrasted against the light illuminating from the translucent walls. The rear of the sand hut contains a built-in sink and bench for taking in the view when the door is open.


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English Beach Hut
 Beach Hut
 Inside Beach Hut
 beach hut terrace

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