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This project consists of two homes, each utilizing just two exterior materials, two interior materials, two colors and only two window and door sizes. Hence the "2X" name. Furthering the "2X" concept, each home consists of two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms on two floors, for a combined total of 2,000 square feet (1,000 square feet per unit).

The two houses pictured make up phase one of three. This project is the reincarnation of the Fay Ave Art District Dwellings, a seven-home small lot subdivision project, which was temporarily shelved due to the real estate market meltdown. The 2X homes utilizes a simple, creative and cost-effective solution to revive the project for a much different economy.

These smaller, more affordable units will be rented as apartments until all three phases are complete and the property is subdivided into seven lots/homes per the Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance. Please see our blog post on this small lot subdivision project for more information.

Modative Build was the contractor on this project. Construction was complete in December 2011 and is now fully occupied.


small lot subdivision modern interiors front unit kitchen + dining area


inexpensive modern front door fay 2X homes

front door


innovative modern siding cement board siding detail

small lot subdivision modern interior architecture

front unit living room

2X Fay Los Angeles Small Homes Architect

rear unit

small lot subdivision architect modern home

front unit living area

small lot subdivision LA fay 03

rear unit balcony

 Los Angeles Architects Modern House Numbers

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open stair

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upstairs hall

los angeles architects small lot subdivision interior

rear unit living room on the second floor

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rear unit entry

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photos the of Fay Ave 2X Homes
  • Unique modern siding

  • view from parking area

  • siding detail

  • entry path

  • front door

  • view from Fay Ave.

  • address numbers

  • kitchen

  • living room

  • modern plywood ceiling

  • modern affordable open wood stair

  • upstairs hall

  • upstairs hall

  • modern affordable bathroom

  • small lot ordinace bedroom

  • modern small lot interiors

construction photos 

Construction of the Fay 2X Homes
  • 01 empty site 04.01.11

  • 02 moving dirt 04.14.11

  • 03 the dig 04.15.11

  • 04 compacted site 04.27.11

  • 05 chalk site 05.03.11

  • 06 rebar 05.05.11

  • 07 formwork 05.05.11/p>

  • 08 rough plumbing 05.10.11

  • 09 foundation pour 05.13.11

  • 10 concrete mania 05.13.11

  • 11 stem wall 05.13.11


Small Lot Subdivision Homes

2X small lot subdivision la

small lot homes phasing

existing property is currently three lots. Phase One was on the vacant lot in the middle.

la small lot phases

original phasing diagram

modern siding mock upsiding mock-up