In December 2004 the City of Los Angeles implemented the Small Lot Ordinance as a way to provide a new type of housing for Los Angeles. Small Lot Subdivision offers the following benefits to both the developer and the future buyer/owner:

  • Lower liability for the developer - no Home Owners' Association
  • Fee simple home ownership at a lower cost
  • Lower developer insurance rates vs. condo construction
  • Future owners can modify the home without HOA issues
  • Ability to develop feasible projects on RD 1.5, RD2, & R2 Lots. They also work on C zoned properties.
  • Higher sale price and better product than condos.

 Modative is an architecture firm that specializes in LA Small Lot Subdivision projects. We can assist you with determining feasibility and designing your small lot project from start to finish.



Small Lot Subdivision Downloads

We have two free Small Lot Subdivision downloads:
Small Lot Subdivision Guide

Small Lot Subdivision Guide

A new "how-to" guide on Developing Small Lot Subdivisions in Los Angeles. No development experience required.

small lot guidelines la

Small Lot Information Packet

Three useful documents from the City of Los Angeles pertaining to the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance.