This project consists of ten homes utilizing the Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision OrdinanceNational Blvd’s 10 homes are located on the border of the Palms neighborhood and the South Robertson neighborhood.  These neighborhoods both have an especially high percentage of residents that were not born in Los Angeles.  That statistic spurred the inspiration for the project - The Transplant.  Some of our favorite things about Los Angeles are non native.  A few favorites that inspired this project were: the traditional American home, the palm, and neighborly etiquette.  The traditional bungalow style homes, gabled roofs, and the traditional front stoops are all seen throughout the city of LA.  We used these to inform this design in a modern way.  The palm, which out of the nearly 3,000 species is not native to this region, helped inform the geometry of the project.  The palm is directional and forms an arrayed geometry which helped inspire the rhythmic roofline of the homes.  Lastly, we believe neighborly etiquette is non native to LA and originates from people who move to the region from elsewhere.  This transplant helped inform design decisions regarding public spaces vs. private spaces.



site plan



aerial view