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Car Wash Remodel Night Photos

Posted by Derek Leavitt on Mon, Nov 16, 2009

remodel progress

A few night photos of the remodeled Fashion Square Car Wash taken by the contractor's superintendent, Fredy Monge of Pacific Empire Builders.


los angeles car washView from the street with the new drought tolerant landscaping in the foreground.


car wash remodel canopyThe remodeled car wash ordering area. The only time of day this area is without cars.


car wash remodel waiting area The waiting area and new canopy with aluminum louvers.


oil change building remodelThe oil change / smog check building. Work on this building was minimal- new stucco and paint. New planter/benches in the foreground.


car wash retail store remodelThe main car wash building with a peek into the retail store interior.


Modative is the architect for the Fashion Square Car Wash remodel in Sherman Oaks, CA (Los Angeles). We are actively seeking other car washes that are looking to improve their sales though a modern makeover. Please contact Modative if you are interested in learning more about how a remodeled car wash can drastically improve your business and your customers' satisfaction.

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