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Small Lot Subdivision Homes Construction Update - Framing Completed

Posted by Derek Leavitt on Thu, Jun 2, 2011 @ 13:06 PM

The framing is now complete! Check out the latest photos taken at the Cullen Street Homes Small Lot Subdivision project in Los Angeles.

By 03.04.11, the third floor framing is well under way.

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Homes A, B, & C from the street. 

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Homes A, B, & C from the rear. 

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The northeast corner of Home C. 

The shape of the each home is visible by 03.16.11.

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The awning of Home A is now visible from Cullen Street. 

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View from La Cienega to the north.

cullen street homes construction

View from Alvira Street to the east.

By 04.20.11, the MEP subcontractors are in the homes.

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The awning of Home B. 

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HVAC and electrical is going in.

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Master bath of Home C.  

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The south facade of Home C. 

cullen street homes construction

Trucks on site tagged with 420 on 04.20. Funny.

Windows are going in and the homes are starting to be wrapped. This photo was taken on 05.11.11.

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Metal flashing samples are tacked onto the deck of Home A to help us decide which to go with. We ended up going with neither or these options. Stay tuned for photos of the metal flashing installed.


The Cullen Street Homes is a three parcel Small Lot Subdivision in Los Angeles scheduled to be complete in Fall 2011. Small Lot Subdivision is an ordinance in Los Angeles that permits property to be subdivided into small, fee-simple lots. To learn more about Small Lot Subdivision, download one of our free informative guides.

Modative is a Los Angeles architecture firm that specializes in Small Lot Subdivision.

For more construction photos, check out the Modative Architecture facebook page.

For information on home sales, see

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