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Construction Begins on Cullen Street Homes Small Lot Subdivision

Posted by Derek Leavitt on Fri, Dec 3, 2010 @ 16:12 PM

Last week grading wrapped up and construction began on our Cullen Street Homes Small Lot Subdivision project.

small lot homes

When complete, we'd like the project to look like this.


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The project is located in Los Angeles, more specifically, in the heart of the Culver City Art District.

Here are a few photos of the grading process and the start of foundations:

small lot subdivision demo recycle 01

Bricks from the driveway of the old house that was demolished. Over 90% of the salvaged bricks were recycled.

small lot subdivision grading construction 07

The top five feet of soil had to be recompacted to make it suitable for foundations.

small lot subdivision staking construction 06

Once grading was complete, the building foundations were surveyed, staked out and spray painted onto the ground.

small lot subdivision building gap 05

Since the homes are part of a small lot subdivision, they have to be structurally independent, meaning they can't touch. Here's the staked out gap between two of the homes.

small lot subdivision foundations 02

Once all the homes were marked on the site, digging of the foundations began.

small lot subdivision dig foundations

A close up of the foundation dig. The soil was very dense from the recompaction and much of it had to be removed with power tools.

small lot subdivision foundation construction 03

Here the subcontractors are starting the wood form-work for the foundations.

More photos can be found on the Modative Architecture facebook page.

Stay tuned for more updates as construction progresses on the Cullen Street Homes Small Lot Subdivision.

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