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Small Lot Subdivision Homes Construction Update - Framing Begins

Posted by Derek Leavitt on Wed, Jan 26, 2011 @ 12:01 PM

After some heavy December rain, construction continued on the Cullen Street Homes Small Lot Subdivision project. The slabs were poured on Christmas eve and after a few days of curing, the exterior slabs were saw cut into a pattern.

This first set of photos were taken just after the slab saw cutting took place on 12.27.10.

small lot subdivision slabs

A panorama of all three small lot homes with fresh slabs. Home C is in the foreground.

small lot subdivision slab patterns

The carport of Home A is in the foreground. This saw cut pattern will continue out onto the driveway. The exterior concrete has a sand finish, which gives it a nice texture.

small lot homes gap between units

The gap between the homes, which was full of water from the rain. Although this gap will be weather sealed when construction is complete, we raised the concrete walls above the slab, just in case water finds is way in.

small lot subdivision steel columns 10

The steel columns that help create the span over the car port.

This next set of photos was taken a few days into framing on 01.14.11.

small lot framing start Panorama

The start of first floor framing. Home C in the foreground. 

small lot framing carports

Home B and C carports 

small lot subdivision home front door

Home A's front door framing

small lot homes los angeles construction

The "bump outs" are the bathrooms


Things move fast during framing, so we were back out on site on 01.19.11.

small lot ordinance homes

Some of the beams and joists were in place on 01.19.11.

small lot la framing

View from the sidewalk

framing hardware california

Wood frame construction in California requires a lot of metal hardware.

wood framing strap

More metal hardware. In this case a strap that will connect the wall to the beam.

small lot framing 11

2 X 12 joists


The Cullen Street Homes is a three parcel Small Lot Subdivision in Los Angeles scheduled to be complete in Fall 2011. Small Lot Subdivision is an ordinance in Los Angeles that permits property to be subdivided into small fee simple lots. To learn more about Small Lot Subdivision, download one of our free informative guides.

Modative is a Los Angeles architecture firm that specializes in Small Lot Subdivision.

For more construction photos, check out the Modative Architecture facebook page.

For information on home sales, see

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