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Modern Home Remodel Construction Update - May 2010

Posted by Derek Leavitt on Tue, May 11, 2010 @ 12:05 PM

Some photos from our visit to the construction site of the 360 House remodel in May 2010.This project is located in Long Beach, CA.

Here's a quick reminder of what it looked like prior to our modern architectural intervention.

before moden remodelYikes!

modern home remodel

Now that's better.

modern home entry

The front door -  an aluminum storefront system.

modern homes entry

Here's what the entry area looks like from the inside. It was important to bring the exterior materials inside to create an indoor/outdoor feel. The ceiling was about to be painted to matchthe orange on the exterior.

modern entry door

A close up

modern homes materials

Here you can really see the Hardie fiber cement shiplap siding carry from the outside in.

modern unique master suite

The second floor of the cube contains the unique master suite.

modern homes master suite

View of the master suite from the loft office

modern homes loft office

The loft office above

modern home loft office

The loft home office. You can start to see that the orange canopy at the front of the house carries through to the back yard.

modern homes entry

Looking from the back of the house through to the front.

modern open great room

From the entry to the kitchen

Modern kitchen island

Kitchen island

modern sliding doors

The kitchen and living area flows into the back yard thanks to the large triple track sliding doors.

modern outdoor living room

A modern outdoor living room complete with fireplace.

modern homes outdoor room

The back yard awaits the finishing touches.

sunshade modern homes

The orange roof and wall extensions shade the south facing windows while also creating the outdoor living room in the backyard.

modern homes back yard

Full view of the back of the house

modern homes door

Detail of the door from the guest bedroom to the back yard

modern pool construction

Pool sans water

modern door frames

We love these aluminum interior door frames


As you can see, this modern remodel makeover is almost complete.

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