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Project Type: Small Lot Subdivison Homes
Neighborhood: Palms
Number of Homes: 5
Avg. Home Size: 1,920 sq ft
Typ. Bed/Bath: 3 BR, 3.5 BA 

Vinton Ave Homes is a five-home small lot subdivison located nearby Sony Pictures Studios and the new Palms Exposition Line Metro stop.  Because these two nearby features are integral to the history and future of this neighborhood, they gave inspiration to the project. In order to embrace these two important elements we came up with the phrase "Motion Studio".  "Motion" references how the train carves through its landscape, its movement repetitive and cohesive. "Studio" refers to how film studios activate their stages through light, color, and flexibility of the space.  This project uses the physical qualities of the "Motion Studio" to inspire form and overall intent of the project.