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The 4 Biggest Problems People Encounter When Hiring a Residential Architect

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When it comes to property selection for your new home:

  1. Local zoning codes are often not clear or readily available.
  2. Real Estate Agents are not always a reliable source of information. Property feasibility and construction are not their expertise.
  3. Site factors such as topography, utility connections and environmental issues require an expert to fully understand.

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Why is budgeting properly for a new home so difficult?

  1. There are so many unknowns. How much does an architect cost? What engineers do I need to hire? How much should I allocate for construction costs and permit fees?
  2. Architects love to tell clients that they will save them money on construction. The problem is that most of them don't. It's not their fault really. It's just that traditionally, architects have little control over or knowledge of current construction costs.

If you don’t have a proper budget near the start of a home design project you are bound to have cost overruns and expensive surprises. 

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Residential projects are complex. Most homeowners have limited or no experience with:

  1. Hiring an architect
  2. Finding the right contractor
  3. Bringing engineers and other necessary consultants on board
  4. Obtaining permits and other city approvals
  5. Unknown development costs

 With all these unknowns, it can be overwhelming to determine how long the process will take and what steps are necessary. 

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The traditional design-bid-build delivery process leads to all types of miscommunication in the relationship that matters most on every project: Owner, Architect and Contractor.

This outdated method requires the owner to:

A. Hire an architect to design the project

B. Then hire a separate general contractor to build the project.  

Unfortunately, history has taught us that this "love triangle" creates communication problems making the home-building process complicated and unpleasant.

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