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The 4 Biggest Problems People Encounter When Hiring a Residential Architect

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Learn the Four Problems and How to Solve Them

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 When it comes to property selection for your new home:
  1. Local zoning codes are often not clear or readily available.
  2. Real Estate Agents are not always a reliable source of information....  
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Residential projects are complex. Most homeowners have limited or no experience with:
  1. Hiring an architect
  2. Unknown development costs....

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Why is budgeting properly for a new home so difficult?

  1. There are so many unknowns. How much does an architect cost? What engineers do I need to hire? How much should I allocate for construction costs and permit fees?

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The traditional design-bid-build delivery process leads to all types of miscommunication in the relationship that matters most on every project: Owner, Architect and Contractor.

This outdated method requires the owner to....

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