Free Property Code Search

Do you fit one of these scenarios?

  1. Owner - You currently own a property, but are unsure what the city's rules are for building something new or adding on?
  2. Searching - You're looking for a property for a certain type of project, but are unsure if a certain property meets your criteria?
  3. Foreclosure - Thinking about obtaining a foreclosure and want to understand the property's potential?

Our free basic zoning code search can help you determine the following for a property:

  • The type of project(s) the city will allow
  • The height limit
  • The permitted density
  • If the property is subject to the hillside ordinance or any specific plans
  • and much more...

How does it work?

Give us some basics on you and the property. Then we'll do the research and e-mail you our custom Code Analysis document as a PDF file.

Available Areas

Our free property code search is currently available for properties in the following cities:

Los Angeles

Venice (LA)

Santa Monica


 Long Beach

 Culver City

 Manhattan Beach

 Hermosa Beach

 Redondo Beach

 Beverly Hills




*You may request other cities, but no guarantees.