1. Communication

A Broken System

The traditional design- bid-build delivery process leads to all types of miscommunication in the relationship that matters most on every project: Owner, Architect and Contractor.

This outdated method requires the project owner/developer  to hire an architect to design the project, then hire a general contractor to build the project. Unfortunately, history has taught us that this "love triangle" creates communication problems making the home-building process complicated and unpleasant.

architects communication

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There's a Better Way

Instead of perpetuating this dysfunctional relationship, Modative utilizes, what we in the industry call, an Architect-Led Integrated Project Delivery. While this may sound fancy, it's not. All it means is that you hire Modative as your architect, then we put together the best design and construction team for your development project. This integrated team is assembled early on in the process and coordinated by your dedicated project manager here at Modative.

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