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Accessory Dwelling Units

Modative + ADUs

We have been passionate about designing and building attainable homes in Los Angeles since our founding in 2006. Modative is now bringing our expertise in producing beautiful and efficient homes to an Accessory Dwelling Unit for your backyard.

About Modative


Modative was founded as an architecture firm in 2006. After over 12 years in practice in Los Angeles, we saw the opportunity to bring clarity to the updated 2017 Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance, the same way we started publishing extensive information on the Small lot Subdivision Ordinance back in 2008.

Through our specialization in helping create over 300 Small lot Subdivision Homes, we have learned the in's and out's of designing, permitting, and building residential units in the City of Los Angeles. We are now bringing that expertise and one-stop-shop approach to Accessory Dwelling Units.

Modative and Modative Build are fully licensed architecture and construction operations with extensive experience designing and building efficient homes in small spaces.



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Modative Co-founders + Principals


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Christian Návar

Master's Degree in Architecture

Licensed General Contractor

 CA Contractor's License  957698

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Derek Leavitt, AIA

Licensed Architect

CA Architect License  C31212

Modative is a design/build operation in Los Angeles for detached, ground-up ADUs and garage conversions. 
We are a one-stop-shop with semi-custom, predesigned models. Modative handles all aspects of the process, including:
ADU Architects
We've been designing small, yet efficient, homes since our founding in 2006.
ADU Features
We partner with the best structural, electrical, and civil engineers in town to ensure your ADU is safe and energy efficient.
ADU Get Started
Permit Processing
Our secret weapon is that we're really good at the boring stuff too, like expeditiously permitting your ADU.
ADU Builder
Our experienced construction team will bring your ADU from concept to reality.
ADU Bathrooms
Finish & Fixture Options
We offer a range of finish options to customize your ADU. Enough to keep it interesting without being overwhelming.
ADU Budget
Financing Partnerships
We partner with local lenders that can offer you great financing options on your backyard home.
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