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Accessory Dwelling Units


A 2 bedroom, 2 story Accessory Dwelling Unit in just under 1,200 sq. ft. All the features of a larger home in a compact footprint.

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White Siding Option
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Black Siding Option
ADU ALPHA Features
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2 Bedrooms  |   1.5 - 2.5 Bathrooms 
Flexibility to  upgrade to 2.5 bathrooms or reduce down to 1 bathroom
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Full Size Kitchen and Stacked Laundry
Spacious kitchen with full size appliances and a stacked washer/dryer closet located near bedrooms
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Quality Finishes + Fixtures
Choose from our selection of finished and fixtures
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1,052 - 1,175 sq. ft
Compact 20' X 28' or 20' X 30' footprint to fit in most backyards while offering the amenities of a full size home
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Green Features
Solar ready, water wise and energy efficient appliances to name a few
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Warm Modern Design
Designed with unique vaulted bedroom ceilings and plentiful natural light

Floor Plans - 2 Sizes

A Look Inside ADU Alpha
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Discover ADUs
Our website is a great place to start! Full of Accessory Dwelling Unit resources.
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Get Started
Send us some basic information and we'll help you select the right ADU to meet your needs (and fit in your yard).
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Full Service
We handle the rest. From design, permitting to construction, our expert team will bring your ADU to reality.