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Future Modative and Modative Build Founders, Christian Návar and Derek Leavitt graduate from the USC School of Architecture
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Christian and and Derek gain experience working together in the South Bay area of Los Angeles designing custom homes and development projects at Studio 9 one 2



Founded by Christian Návar and Derek Leavitt, Modative begins as an architecture firm. A global recession follows and the firm utilizes this time to develop an expertise in Small Lot Subdivision.

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Modative's first built Small Lot Subdivision project, Cullen St Art District Homes, breaks ground. As the project's architect, Modative concludes that there has to be a better way to get projects built. The founding of Modative Build is set in motion. 



Modative Build starts on its first self-performed construction project, the Fay 2x Homes in the Culver city Arts District. Following the success of this project, Modative Build continues to Design/Build multiple projects with Modative as the architect.

Small_Lot_Subdivision_Vinton_Avenue_Homes_Architect.jpg 2014

Modative Development is founded focusing on Small Lot Subdivison projects.  

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Modative Build breaks ground on its first round of development projects totaling 65 houses on 5 sites.

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Modative Build engages other established architects to collaborate on building