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Accessory Dwelling Units

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ADU Services

What services does Modative provide on ADUs?

Modative is a design/build operation in Los Angeles for detached, ground-up ADUs and garage conversions. 
We are a one-stop-shop with semi-custom, predesigned models. Modative handles all aspects of the process, including:
ADU Architects
We've been designing small, yet efficient, homes since our founding in 2006.
ADU Features
We partner with the best structural, electrical, and civil engineers in town to ensure your ADU is safe and energy efficient.
ADU Get Started
Permit Processing
Our secret weapon is that we're really good at the boring stuff too, like expeditiously permitting your ADU.
ADU Builder
Our experienced construction team will bring your ADU from concept to reality.
ADU Bathrooms
Finish & Fixture Options
We offer a range of finish options to customize your ADU. Enough to keep it interesting without being overwhelming.
ADU Budget
Financing Partnerships
We partner with local lenders that can offer you great financing options on your backyard home.

Why Pre Designed ADU Models Make Sense ?

Have you ever heard the saying that you should never buy the first model of a car? Yet many want a completely custom solution/design for their ADU. While this may make sense for your primary residence, a place you plan on calling home for years, ADUs typically serve another purpose, whether it be a rental unit or guest house.  Custom architecture, engineering and construction are expensive, unpredictable, and require enormous time commitments from homeowners. 

We've found that most homeowners are looking for something less intense than a completely custom design.  A predictable, yet beautiful solution to adding a unit to their property, so they can go about their lives and leave the heavy lifting to us. The key to this successful delivery of an ADU lies in a repeatable solution. Our pre designed ADU models are based on countless hours of research, drawing, and an understanding of the unique nature of backyards in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Also, because our ADUs are site-built (not prefab), we are not locked into single-story solutions or designs that resemble glorified trailers. 

Our pre designed ADUs provide:

  1. Predictable construction costs (actual pricing established from completed ADU models) 
  2. Achievable schedules (because we've build your unit before)
  3. High quality construction (our construction team knows the layouts and details)


With Modative, you won't have to worry what your project will cost, how long it will take, and if the construction be high quality. 

If this sounds interesting and you think you have a viable property, please click link below to get started.

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