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PreConstruction Services

At Modative, we believe that every great project starts with a strong collaboration between all project participants. In order to reach a high level of success it is important that everyone has a thorough understanding of the vision for your future residence. 

Our preferred project delivery method entails an integrated and collaborative approach that begins well before entitlements (permits) are finalized. Our preconstruction services will ensure a great foundation for the project, ensure an exceptional experience, and help achieve great results

Our preconstruction services include:

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1. Budget & Cost Related Services

Our budget and cost related services are provided in order to help deliver cost models that meet your financial objectives. After setting the initial target budget we will continue to look at the project scope to make sure the project is on budget prior to the final design and start of construction.

  1. Mange Project Budgeting
  2. Refine Cost Models
  3. Obtain Subcontractor Support
  4. Develop, Send, Receive, and Review Bid Packages
  5. Select Vital Subcontractors
  6. Review Estimates and Selections with Owner and Architect
  7. Provide Project Cash Flow Estimates
  8. Prepare Final Project Cost Estimate


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2. Schedule Related Services 

Effective project scheduling and time management plays a crucial role in making sure your project is is an enjoyable experience. Much of a projects success revolves around ensuring all team members are on the same page and expectations are clear and achievable. Starting a project off with an accurate schedule from preconstruction through the completion of your project is crucial to the success of your project. 

  1. Define Schedule Milestone
  2. Prepare preliminary Trade Specific Time Frames
  3. Prepare Detailed Trade Specific Daily Goals
  4. Prepare Final Construction Gannt and Calendar Schedule
  5. Develop Buyout and Submittal Schedules 
  6. Review Schedules with Owner and Architect
  7. Provide Plan-Check & Regulatory Support 
  8. Obtain Subcontractor Input on Trade Specific Items 


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3. Constructability Services 

Having the right information is critical to getting the best result. Constructability review allows us the opportunity to make sure the correct information is provided in team documents. This helps ensure efficiency and accuracy in Subcontractors bids and supports great results in the field once construction begins. 

  1. Collaborative Design Review 
  2. Documentation and Specification Clarification  (RFC’s)
  3. Materials and Systems Collaboration
  4. Obtain Subcontractor Input on Materials & Methods
  5. Target Concern Areas
  6. Target Value Design
  7. Community Development and Build Community Outreach
  8. Design-Build Coordination



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