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Establish the Budget

Once selected for your project we will work hard to bid the project during pre-construction services so we can mutually agree on the initial Cost of Work (Budget). Once that budget is established we further endure to value engineer, further negotiate bids on materials and labor, and even incentivize our team to creatively reduce costs. 


One option that we provide is an incentive based budget. for every dollar we can save on the project we propose to split the savings. This proposed incentive is mutually beneficial and allows both parties to protect the project from Scope Creep. 

In the typical Client/General Contractor (GC) relationship, the GC is incentivized to allow the client to spend and make more costly selections because their fee grows with every additional dollar spent. 

This incentive based method better serves to protect our clients from spending beyond their initial target and pushes our entire team to address any new opportunities with a clear benchmark and a critical eye.


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Schedule Management

Modative Build's expert knowledge of the residential code and our ability to quickly foster great working relationships with any municipality will realize nothing but success. We will leverage our design consciousness and merge it with our residential building experience in a unique way to exceed schedule expectations. 

Modative Build utlizes our construction mangement software to publish updated Gannt Schedules that you can view online anytime.