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The Power of Putting a Home in Your Backyard

Los Angeles just made it easier to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (aka granny flat or guest house) in your backyard. Modative provides Ground-up ADU Models and Garage Conversions.

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Have an existing detached garage that you want to convert to a backyard home?

Modative offers ADU garage conversions.

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Los Angeles needs more homes. 

Many have proposed big and grandiose solutions to reducing the cost of housing. But we prefer small plans. We believe one small home in your backyard can make a big difference.

As of 2017, you can now easily put an independent Accessory Dwelling Unit on your property. It’s simple really. You have property, and we have all the tools to design, permit and build you a beautiful little structure. 

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Our Simple 5-Step ADU Process

Step 1: Download Our ADU Guide

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Our Free Accessory Dwelling Unit Guide is presented in common terms and easy-to-read diagrams covering types of ADUs, costs, a case study, and more...

ADU Guide Download

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Step 2: Schedule a Phone Consultation

Free  |  15 minutes

Provide us with some basic information such as your address and we'll send you an email to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our experts. We'll review your property online and help determine if one of our ADUs is right for you.

Step 3: ADU Feasibility Study

$600 - $1,000  |  2 weeks

We come out to your property to answer questions in-person, take measurements, and study existing conditions.  Then we prepare a preliminary site plan indicating the possible location and size of your ADU. Based on this analysis we provide you a preliminary cost estimate for all the work.


Step 4: Design, Engineering, and Permitting

$20,000 - $30,000  |  2-4 months

We'll send you an Agreement covering the architecture, engineering and permitting portion of the process, which is paid in two installments. Our one-stop-shop services mean you won't need any outside consultants. We handle it all.

Step 5: Construction

$99,000 - $399,000  |  2 - 6 months

As we get close to obtaining the building permit, we will finalize the Construction Agreement which includes a detailed budget estimate and schedule. Then we build your ADU, providing you with daily updates along the way. Billing occurs monthly. You pay as you go. No upfront costs.

Cost and timeline will depend on your site and the type/size ADU you select.

In most Los Angeles Neighborhoods, ADUs can earn you $8,000 - $18,000 per year in net rental income and $100,000's in additional property value. 

ADU Construction Contractor

ADU Guide Downloador get started now by scheduling your free phone consultation

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Modative is a design/build operation in Los Angeles for detached, ground-up ADUs and garage conversions. 
We are a one-stop-shop with semi-custom, predesigned models. Modative handles all aspects of the process, including:
ADU Architects
We've been designing small, yet efficient, homes since our founding in 2006.
ADU Features
We partner with the best structural, electrical, and civil engineers in town to ensure your ADU is safe and energy efficient.
ADU Get Started
Permit Processing
Our secret weapon is that we're really good at the boring stuff too, like expeditiously permitting your ADU.
ADU Builder
Our experienced construction team will bring your ADU from concept to reality.
ADU Bathrooms
Finish & Fixture Options
We offer a range of finish options to customize your ADU. Enough to keep it interesting without being overwhelming.
ADU Budget
Financing Partnerships
We partner with local lenders that can offer you great financing options on your backyard home.
ADU Opportunity
ADU's are a huge opportunity for individual home owners to provide new housing units in their own backyard. Homes that can serve as a:
ADU Granny Flat Elderly Home.png
Granny Flat

Nearby, yet private residence for an elderly relative

ADU Young Adult Home.png
Crash Pad

Home for a young adult working towards affording their own place

ADU Rental.png

Additional income though long or short term rentals

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Discover ADUs

Our website is a great place to start! Full of Accessory Dwelling Unit resources.

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Full Service Delivery

We handle the rest. From design, to permitting, and construction, our expert team will bring your ADU to reality.

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