Los Angeles Accessory Dwelling Unit

( ADU ) Ordinance

 The City of Los Angeles is finalizing an Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance in early 2017. Until then, the State of California standards will apply.

What are the new ADU Rules and Regulations?

The State Standards closely align with the proposed Los Angeles ADU Ordinance and include the following basic provisions: 

  • Accessory Dwelling Units are permitted in all residential zones in Los Angeles except hillside areas.
  • ADUs can be rented, but not sold separately.
  • An existing garage can be converted or added onto to create an ADU. There are some setback considerations with these scenarios.
  • Detached (separate structure) ADUs are limited to 1,200 sq. ft. max.
  • Attached ADUs are limited to a max size of 50% of the existing home.
  • One parking space is required for an ADU, but there are several exceptions to this, including when you are close to public transit or if the dwelling unit is part of the existing residence.

Learn more about ADU rules and regulations by downloading our free "How To" ADU Guide. 

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