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03 Architecture Concepts & Precedents


Architecture schedule

Aside from the necessary aesthetic makeover, Modative's initial concept was to rethink the car wash process by making it less of a "chore" and into more of a positive "experience", like going to Starbucks, or the spa.

We also envisioned the car wash having far less of the visual clutter typical of car washes by reducing the number of signs and replacing them with smart design moves that create an atmosphere of high end service.

Concept Sketches

We created concept sketches using trace paper over existing photos of the various car wash areas. Some of these sketch ideas were then further visualized with quick renderings. Here's a glimpse into the process:

existing car wash

Before picture of the front of the main building (waiting area).

base image

We took the photo into Photoshop and stripped it down to the bare structure as a starting point for sketching some ideas.


modern architect concept sketch

This concept sketch was about creating a higher canopy over the waiting area to create more presence at the street.

los angeles car wash

Before picture of the car wash ordering area -sign clutter.

architect sketch

Concept sketch of a cleaner wash ordering area with minimal signs and clear lane distinction.

architects rendering

Concept rendering of the car wash ordering area - a more refined look.

la car wash before picture

Before photo of the car wash detailing area.

modern architects concept

Our concept was to make this detail area more substantial and call it the car spa.

architects sketch

We thought that the detail area or "car spa" could have its own waiting area for the VIP customers.

modern architects rendering

A rendering of the car spa, complete with a green (vegetated roof) to help control runoff.


Aside from the concept sketches, we presented the client a series of project precedents photos to help visualize some of the ideas.

Precedent: uncluttered store displays

Precedent: simple and clean merchandise displays

Precedent: simple and clean merchandise displays

Precedent: the calming atmosphere of Starbucks

Precedent: the spa feel

Precedent: outdoor waiting area

Precedent: waiting area shade structure


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